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Chilli Tacos

Here’s a meat and vegetarian chilli recipe to accommodate all! For the meat version of these, I have used my no frills children friendly chilli recipe which has been really popular. The vegan mixed bean version is made in 20 minutes. Serve with tortillas, grated cheese, avocado, lettuce, tomatoes…..and anything else you fancy.

Top tip for getting taco shaped tortillas. Turn a muffin tin upside down, fold over your tortillas and nestle between the gaps and pop in the oven for 5 minutes. Magic!

Serves: 4

Prep: 10 minutes
Cooking: 20 minutes (vegan) 1-5 hrs (meat)
Total: 30 minutes – 5 hours

Difficulty: easy



For the meat recipe:-

800g 10% fat beef mince⠀
2 onions chopped⠀
3 garlic cloves crushed⠀
2 red peppers cubed⠀
2 cans kidney beans
2 tsp mild chilli powder⠀
1 tsp smoked paprika⠀
1 tsp ground coriander
1/2 tsp ground cinnamon
1 tbsp brown sugar⠀
200ml red wine or 3tbsp balsamic
1 tbsp tomato puree
800g chopped tomatoes
For extra kick – 1 tsp chipotle paste

For the vegetarian recipe:-

All ingredients as above but substitute the beef and kidney beans for 3 cans of mixed beans and omit the wine.

Sauté the onions and garlic for 10 minutes. For the meat recipe, add the mince and brown for 15 minutes. For the veggie recipe, add the pepper and skip to the next step.

Add the spices followed by the red wine and balsamic (omit wine for veggie version). Let the liquid reduce before adding the remaining ingredients.

For vegetarian simmer for 20 minutes. For the meat recipe cook for an hour on the hob or better still put it in a slow cooker or low oven (130 degrees) for as long as possible. I often leave mine in all day.

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