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Scotch Eggs

Not many people own a deep fat fryer, so we’ve come up with a slightly healthier oven baked version.

Serves: 6

Prep: 30 minutes
Cooking: 25 minutes
Total: 55 minutes

Difficulty: moderate



400g  sausage meat

6 x 5 minute boiled eggs, cooled and peeled

7 tablespoons fine dried breadcrumbs, either shop bought or whizz up some bread in a food processor, spread on a plate and leave uncovered for an hour

1 egg, beaten



Divide the sausage meat into 6 equal portions. On a lightly breadcrumbed surface, pat out each portion to about 2.5cm thickness. Wrap the sausage around each of the eggs, making sure the sausage meat is sealed together.

Dip each sausage covered egg in beaten egg, then roll in the breadcrumbs. Place on baking tray, spray lightly with spray oil and bake in a preheated oven of 190 degrees until lightly coloured about 25 minutes.

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