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Asian Pulled Pork
I’ve taken the idea of Asian shredded duck and put my twist on it, here using free range pork shoulder (a beautiful and cheap cut of meat). Duck pancakes are always a winner in my house. This was an even bigger hit. I seared it for 5 minutes then cooked it for hours (time to go out and forget about it) in an easy to knock up Asian broth which can be made in a large quantity and frozen for use with chicken or beef. (You can cook chicken portions in it and finish off in the oven to crisp the skin????)⠀
When the pork comes out of the oven it’s so tender it shreds with the touch of a fork.⠀

Serves: 6-8

Prep: 30 minutes
Cooking: 6-8 hours
Total: 6.5 – 8.5 hours

Difficulty: moderate



Asian stock⠀
1 litre good stock⠀
6 star anise⠀
1 cinnamon stick⠀
1 tsp Sichuan Pepper corns⠀
10cm piece ginger chopped⠀
3 garlic cloves chopped⠀
1 chilli chopped⠀
3tbsp brown sugar⠀
75ml soy sauce⠀
75ml mirin or rice wine⠀
1 clementine halved or 1/2 small orange⠀

2kg pork shoulder⠀
1 tsp Five Spice⠀
Salt and pepper⠀

1/2 cucumber cut into batons⠀
1 little gem lettuce shredded⠀
1 chilli sliced⠀
Bunch spring onions shredded⠀

Combine the stock ingredients and simmer for 30 minutes or longer if you have time or are making the stock ahead.

Season the pork and sprinkle over the Five Spice. Sear in a hot pan to colour.⠀

Submerge the pork in the Asian stock and place in a slow cooker or low oven (130 degrees) for 6-8 hours.⠀

Lift the pork out onto a warm plate – careful as it will be falling apart. Strain the stock into a separating jug. Pour the juices minus the fat back into the pan and reduce on the hob so the sauce thickens.⠀

Gently shred the pork with two forks and serve with the pancakes, cucumber, onions and pancakes.⠀

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