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Barbecued Whole Sea Bass

Barbecued Whole Sea Bass, served here with Charred Fennel and roasted potatoes. Such a beautiful way to cook a whole fish, I placed this sea bass on a bed of sliced lemons. You won’t get the char marks using this method of cooking but the skin won’t stick to the bars.  I charred the whole fennel alongside the fish on the barbecue.

Serves: 4

Prep: 10 minutes
Cooking: 15  minutes
Total: 25 minutes

Difficulty: easy



2 x 600-800g sea bass (or 4 x 300g) scaled and filleted
3 lemons sliced
Fresh thyme
2-3 fennel bulbs cut into wedges, leaves reserved
2 tsp fennel seeds
Salt and pepper
Olive oil

Heat a barbecue or a griddle pan over a medium heat. Cut 3 slits down each side of each fish, through the skin & the flesh but not quite down to the bone.

Crush the fennel seeds in a pestle and mortar with a tsp salt & 1/2 tsp pepper. Season the fish inside & out with the fennel/salt mix pushing it into the cuts of the skin.

Lay some lemon slices & the thyme inside the cavities of each fish. Lightly oil the other lemon slices & lay them on the barbecue bars to make a bed for the fish.

Toss the fennel in olive oil and season.

Cook the fennel on the barbecue for 10 minutes turning every couple of minutes. Squeeze over the juice of a lemon.

If cooking larger sea bass (600-800g) cook on each side for 8 minutes. For 300g sea bass 4 minutes each side should be enough. Check the flesh is opaque and will come away from the bone.

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