Simply Nutritious Delicious was inspired by our shared love of food and our desire to feed our families healthy, home cooked wholesome meals that are beautifully presented and appealing but don’t require hours of prep in the kitchen.


Bolognese! Now people can be a bit snooty about a Bolognese because it’s an English adaptation of the classic Italian Ragu but let’s be honest, it’s a massive family pleaser. There’s a reason why it’s still going strong in British households and why it’s regularly knocked up in our kitchens when the children have friends for tea. It’s rare you find a child who doesn’t like it. We make a veggie version using Quorn mince too for the 14 year old Vegetarian. This doesn’t take as long to cook (30 minutes on the top max). The recipe below is a no frills version – some people use a mix of pork and beef mince. We don’t think a mix is necessary but you decide. By grating the carrot, fussy eaters don’t notice it’s included. Cut mushrooms large enough to be picked out by non mushroom lovers (we have two of these between us!)⠀

We discovered a drizzle of truffle oil along with the obligatory grated Parmesan adds amazing depth to bolognese. It also makes you think you’re not eating kids food!!⠀

Make a large batch so you can freeze some portions and maybe make a lasagne too.⠀

Serves: 8

Prep: 15 minutes
Cooking: 4 hours plus ideally in a low oven but otherwise 60 minutes on a hob!
Total: 4+ hours

Difficulty: easy



1kg lean beef mince (Aberdeen Angus is the best)⠀
3 onions chopped⠀
4 garlic cloves crushed⠀
4 carrots grated⠀
2 cans chopped tomatoes⠀
60g tomato purée⠀
200ml red wine⠀
2 tbsp balsamic vinegar⠀
400ml good beef stock⠀
1 tbsp dried oregano⠀
250g chestnut mushrooms⠀


Colour the onions for 10 minutes.⠀

Add the garlic and mince and turn up the heat. Break the meat up with a wooden spoon.⠀

Once all the meat is coloured (about 15 minutes) add the red wine. Let it bubble for a couple of minutes before adding all the other ingredients.⠀

Season generously (1/2 tsp each of salt and pepper) before putting a lid on the pot.⠀

Simmer on top for 2 hours or put in a low oven or slow cooker for 4-8 hours.⠀

Check for seasoning and serve with your pasta of choice and grated parmesan. And a drizzle of truffle oil if you feel like treating yourself!

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